Review policy

At Bryceoprandi, we take our product review process seriously, and our commitment is to provide our readers with the most objective and informative assessments of skincare products. This policy outlines our operational methodology, how we maintain credibility, and our dedication to regularly updating our evaluations.

1. Our Operational Methodology

We have established a team of researchers and evaluators, each with specialized training in their respective fields. Their mission is to thoroughly investigate the skincare market, gather data, conduct research, and provide assessments on a wide range of products. Our evaluation process unfolds as follows:

Market Research: Our research team scours the skincare and body care market, including physical stores and online forums. They track trends, update industry news, and focus on product highlights. Additionally, our team reaches out to individuals who have used the products to gather information.

Data Compilation: The collected data is then compiled to identify skincare and body care products that warrant attention. The team’s choices are based on criteria like credibility, popularity, user reviews, and more. Data compilation can take between 1 week to 1 month, depending on the volume of information.

Editorial Review: After research and assessments are complete, our editors meticulously review the final list of products before publication on Bryceoprandi.

Product Testing: In some cases, when a product sample lacks information, we acquire it as regular customers would. For products with available information, our research team initiates a comprehensive evaluation process to identify the strengths and weaknesses of each product.

Data Ranking: We employ a system with complex algorithms and proprietary techniques to accurately record and rank data.

2. Upholding Our Integrity and Impartial Assessments

At the heart of our review process lie the fundamental principles of ‘Impartiality – Thoroughness – Precision.’ These guiding tenets shape our commitment to furnish you with premier and pertinent selections tailored to meet your unique skincare requirements. In our quest to preserve integrity and impartiality, we embrace the following practices:

Autonomy: Our cadre of evaluators maintains strict autonomy from the brands and producers featured on our platform. This delineation is pivotal in guaranteeing the impartiality of our assessments, providing reviews that our readers can trust with confidence.

3. How we regularly update our evaluations

Regularly updating information about skincare products on Bryceoprandi is crucial. Our research team continues to investigate and refine evaluations on a daily basis to create comprehensive review articles.

We will update and amend this policy as required by law or as necessary to better serve our readers. Our commitment remains unwavering in delivering accurate, unbiased, and timely assessments to help you make informed decisions about Korean moisturizers and skincare products.